About Us!

Carolina Seals, Inc.

Has provided the Carolinas with top-notch sealing solutions for over thirty years. Companies from a variety of industries, ranging from power to pharmaceutical, have trusted us to maintain their equipment. From installation to repair and from training to troubleshooting, we look forward to providing you with expert service to maximize the life of your equipment.

We are a proud distributor of Flowserve Mechanical Seals, which is the industry leader in sealing technology. In addition to install and repair services, we offer our customers access to Flowserve’s Quick Response Center in Florence, SC.

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    Wayne Motley Sr. becomes the first Outside Salesman for Five Star Seal Corp

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    Wayne Motley Sr. founded Carolina Seals, Inc. as a Five Star Seal Distributor.

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    BW/IP purchased Five Star Seal Corp. and Carolina Seals becomes the BW/IP distributor.

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    Duriron Corporation merged with BW/IP to form Flowserve. Carolina Seals became the Flowserve Mechanical Seal distributor

Seal Excellence Starts with Superior Design

We take pride in having premium products of robust design that are manufactured from the best materials. The peak performance of Flowserve mechanical seals begins in the design stage. The unique Flowserve designs are a direct results of years of experience with customers’ varying shaft sealing applications. Today, utilizing the most sophisticated FEA and CAD equipment, we continue to analyze the most challenging problems and respond with a high-tech product line that meets our customers’ demands for seal solutions. Look to Flowserve to be a source for unique, cost effective designs for the mechanical seal market.

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